Progression: 13/14HM

The last month has been pretty rough for progression, but in the last 2 weeks we’ve managed to get two new heroics down.

Heroic Siegecrafter and Heroic Klaxxi

Not only this but our team isn’t even settled yet, we had so many trial raiders especially for Heroic Siegecrafter as we were low on core members that night.  I’m really impressed with everyone’s efforts and even though we get catty at times we pull it together after the kill.

We just killed Klaxxi… Literally 30min ago so there’s no vid uploaded yet but here’s our Siegecrafter kill from out Prot Paladins POV.




Something that’s always made me curious.

Should you select a player because of the class they play? Or simply because of the player themselves?

If, for example you needed a Disc Priest in your group.  Do you pick the average Priest or the exceptional Mistweaving Monk?  Or do you just wait around for the exceptional Priest?  I think in 10man groups this is a harder decision because of the limited spots available.  In 25man I find there are certain encounters that are definitely more difficult when lacking a certain healing class, but it’s not as noticeable as 10man at all.  Heroic Thok for example is so much easier with a Restoration Shaman or two.

At the moment my group is missing our Paladin healer, and we’re noticing it.  Certain fights are worse than others but we definitely need one as soon as possible.  Needless to say if you know one who is available please send them my way…

Overall I’d say we’re waiting for our exceptional Holy Paladin.  We tried trialing one simply to have one and the result was horrifying.


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Transitioning to 25man

We’ve almost finished our second week of 25man raiding in Siege of Orgrimmar.

It’s been a really good experience but also upsetting in a few ways.  We knew we’d have to get used to having strangers around for a while, we knew we’d go through that period of not knowing who’s talking on vent because everyone sounds the same when they’re new unless it’s like “where the hell does that accent come from” or “who is the weirdo with the Batman voice?”.  It’s been challenging, but honestly I have enjoyed it.

I’ve got a really strong group of healers with me, I’ll never have to worry about them during fights as they’re doing the right thing before I even think to check on them.

We still have lots of trials in our group and it’s going to be interesting to see who passes and who has to leave.  Some choices are obvious but others are a lot harder.


Stay with me Baby

How it feels when raid members leave….



I’m all for personal progression but losing some people hits harder than others.  I think it’s more the dread of having to find a replacement… HOW to find a replacement.

This is not something I was counting on this week so it’s a bit of a blow to my healing team, but I wish this person all the luck in the world with their new team.  They’d better take care of you!

The Times they are a Changin’

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but something big is about to happen so I want to keep a record of it.

Ruthless has gone 25man!

Super scary/exciting stuff!

With the changes to heroic (mythic) raiding next expansion it’s a case of go 25man or don’t plan on progressing in the future… gg Bliz

We have completed our first two raids (Wednesday and Thursday night) and I am extremely happy with our progress so far.  In two nights we’ve cleared 11/14hm with only a few of the encounters causing us problems.  I’m looking forward to Monday when we should get Blackfuse down and hopefully get to have a look at 25man Klaxxi.

We still have quite a few trial members in our team, and I understand we are still looking for more people, both to fill out the existing roster and to replace any trials who are unsuccessful.

I’ve been looking forward to this transition for quite a while and am very excited to see how far we can progress in this new 25man setting.




Progression Peeves

One of the most frustrating things as a member of a progression team is not having like minded raid members.  For progression, time is very important so being ready to start the raid at the allocated time is a must.

By “ready to start” I mean you have flasks/pots/food {whatever isn’t provided by the guild} you’re reforged and gemmed correctly.  Your UI is functional, your addons are up to date and your character is at 100% durability.  Not only this but as a progression group, basic mechanics should not have to be explained.

We are slowly weeding out these people as we replace them with like minded ones, and I can’t wait till I don’t hear anyone saying “oh does anyone have any spare pots.” Or “I forgot to repair before raid can we drop a repair bot?”  as we start the countdown timer for a pull…

peeve session out.